Fixed Voice and VoIP

The Department of Public Expenditure & Reform  has established a national Framework for the Supply of Fixed Voice and Voice over IP Services plus Associated Products and Associated Services. Agreements have been put in place with eight carriers (Blueface, BT, eircom, PlanNet21, UPC, Viatel and Vodafone).

The major features of the framework are:

  • Lowest Price guarantee
  • Simple and cost effective procurement process for customers
  • Public Service Terms and Conditions
  • Centralised contract management and monitoring of vendor performance

To obtain detailed information please visit our secure documentation site (only accessible to employees of public sector bodies that are connected to the Government Networks). A PDF version of the website is available on request from the Contract Manager.


The framework runs until the 16th of July 2018 .

Scope of Services and Products

This framework covers the supply of Fixed Telecommunications Services, associated products plus associated services from the 8 qualified Vendors.

Service or Product Definition
Fixed Voice and VoIP Services – outgoing calls to sites belonging to the public body concerned;
– outgoing calls to sites of other public bodies that are either on the respondent’s network or not on the respondent’s network;
– traffic of interest;
– VPNs;
– incoming calls direct to a public body with public numbers;
– incoming calls to a public body or handed off to Government Networks.
– incoming calls of the “freephone” type (i.e., 18XX and 08XX);

Participating Vendors

The following 4 vendors have been selected to participate in the fixed framework:

Qualified Suppliers
Three (formerly O2)

How to Buy Services and Products

To buy services or products through the framework, a Customer must seek a quote from each of the 8 vendors – this process is called a mini-competition. Public Bodies will need to carefully assess their own needs and set out their requirements in the mini-competition to select a suitable vendor.

Request For Quotes (RFQ) templates have been developed which set out each of the main headings of the products or services available under which you can specify your particular requirements. It will be important to provide sufficient information for the vendors to come back with meaningful quotes that will allow you to evaluate them accordingly to the nature and scope of products or services you require. To assist in this a site survey document is available which can be filled out either by customers or by their current supplier.  This site survey document will then form part of the RFQ.


Payment and Invoicing arrangements will be agreed by the relevant Customer and the selected Vendor in each case.

Contracting Authority

The Department of Public Expenditure & Reform is the Contracting Authority charged with establishing this Framework. The Contracting Authority has ensured that the framework has been established in full compliance with EU Directive 2004/18/EC (as implemented by SI 329 of 2006) and relevant EU and National Laws.

Contract Manager

A Contract Manager has been appointed by the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform. Information and advice is provided to the customers and vendors on the operation of the framework through this service as well as mechanisms for the resolution, and where necessary, the escalation of disputes. The Contract Manager can be contacted at:

Contract Manager Definition
Name: Ken Barclay
Address: CMOD, Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4
Phone: (01) 604 5018